How To Entertain Out-Of-Towners In San Diego

friends on the beach at sunset

Living in the dynamic East Village of San Diego, you are bound to have family and friends calling on you to host, entertain, and make sightseeing suggestions for their trip. When choosing an itinerary for these out-of-town guests, help them embrace the lifestyle of the locals and enjoy quintessential California activities. In San Diego, this means taking advantage of the unique attractions, the spectacular views, and the unbeatable beaches.

San Diego Attractions

It would be a shame to let your friends and relatives visit San Diego and not visit the supposedly haunted Whaley House, grounds, and museum. The Whaley House is an example of Greek Revival architecture and a visit to the property will leave your visitors with a profound appreciation for local culture. The Whaley House will intrigue local IDEA1 residents as well, thanks to the ongoing effort of curators to preserve the history of San Diego neighborhoods and address the broader vision of Southern California.

San Diego Views

Make the most of your panorama in San Diego by taking your guests to hit the links. They’ll be able to check out the ocean from the pristine greens of the Torrey Pines Golf Course. Although navigating the reservation system for this municipal course can be tricky, it is well worth the time to plan ahead and secure a spot. Your visitors will be overwhelmed by the beautiful views from atop the San Diego cliffs and they’ll thank you for sharing the city with them as only a local can.

The Beach

California is all about the beaches. With over 70 miles of beachfront radiating out from the San Diego, you can bet there’s tons of fun to be had. So why not challenge your out-of-town friends to try their hand, or rather, their feet at a sporting staple of San Diego. Catching waves in the mighty Pacific is a must for those visitors that want the full SoCal experience. The San Diego Surf School offers a range of lessons and rentals. Instructors will teach you and your guests everything from paddling out to wiping out. For a more relaxing experience, hop aboard Aolani’s Luxury Catamaran in San Diego to see the stunning scenery that surrounds the harbor.

If you are lucky enough to reside in San Diego’s East Village, you are going to have company beating down your door! When you move into one of our contemporary and innovative apartments at IDEA1, you can impress your guests with both the neighborhood and the amenities. Contact us to learn more about concierge services, guest relations, and creating an atmosphere to welcome your family and friends. When you live at IDEA1, you become an ambassador for San Diego’s East Village. Be proud of your alluring community and the greater city. It is a treat to live, work, and play in this lively and unique community.

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