Grow Your Own Dinner at SMARTS Farm

man holding carrots in a community garden

The innovative community garden, SMARTS Farm, fills a valuable city block in San Diego’s East Village. The green space is on Broadway (between 13th and 14th Street), right in the heart of a thriving urban community. SMARTS Farm is the pet project of a local nonprofit called Humane Smarts. The organization cites youth education as its primary focus but this oasis has a lot to offer the wave of creative adult professionals that are currently flooding into the East Village.

Community plots. Who says you can’t build a meal from farm to plate whilst living a life of urban modernity? If you live at IDEA1, consider leasing a raised garden box and plant your own veggies. The farm is just a few blocks from home. A little dirt under the fingernails is a small price to pay for the pride of growing your own dinner. Click here to find out more about leasing a garden space in SMARTS Farm.

Event venue. Available for a variety of private gatherings, hosting anything from a business meeting to a birthday party at SMARTS Farm is bound to be a success. The charming backdrop of a creative urban garden space is suitable for any occasion. If you are looking for a unique space to hold your next private or corporate gathering, click here to discuss your project with the folks at Humane Smarts.

Just a few short blocks from IDEA1, SMARTS Farm is a unique and empowering community project that has already been a San Diego success story for 5 years. Organizers, artists, and innovators are constantly at work in the East Village to create a dynamic and diverse neighborhood that offers a rich variety of opportunities to live, work, and play. Contact us at IDEA1 to become a part of this fantastic community.

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