Find Balance at a Nearby Yoga Studio

woman doing yoga on roof

With benefits like improved strength and energy and decreased stress and anxiety, it’s no wonder that yoga is so popular. Modern yoga utilizes a combination of physical poses, breathing exercises and meditation to promote a healthy body and mind. There are several yoga studios in downtown San Diego – if you’d like to find simply the best, here are some options.

The Little Yoga Studio

The Little Yoga Studio offers a variety of classes for different levels of expertise, including a beginners’ class. While most Little Yoga Studio classes are based on Vinyasa yoga, which focuses on flowing movements aligned with breathing; the studio also offers Hatha classes that focus on holding poses, restorative yoga with aromatherapy, and heated yoga.

Pura Vida Yoga

At Pura Vida Yoga classes include vigorous, flowing Vinyasa classes as well as a Hatha gentle flow class that is ideal for beginners, those who struggle with injuries, or who those who simply prefer a slower pace. Pura Vida Yoga also offers a yin class that focuses on holding poses for several minutes while building flexibility.

Yoga One

At Yoga One you’ll find classic yoga classes, gentle flow, vigorous Vinyasa flow, restorative yoga for students with ailments and even the ancient Chinese form of excercise called qi gong. For those who would like to turn their passion for yoga into a career, Yoga One offers teacher training along with free classes led by the trainees.

Yoga, dining, shopping and more are all easily accessible to the IDEA1 community. To learn more, contact us today!

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