Enjoy Japanese Cuisine in the East Village


Hunger pains have you distracted? There is no need to go far from home. There are multiple eateries to choose in East Village, from Latin cuisine to burgers and fries, but have you ever thought of food as art? Less than a half a mile from the community of IDEA1, you can experience both culture and creativity via delicious cuisine.

Hive Sushi Lounge is located at the corner of 14 Street and C Street in East Village. Enter this modern Japanese Lounge and experience top quality sushi prepared by Master Chef, Tim Manley. Manley takes great pride in creating both delicious and beautiful plates of art for his clientele.

The menu is vast with a large selection of sushi, dinner plates, salads, and desserts. They even have a full bar which serves crafted cocktails and local drafts. Walk into a warm and calming environment after a hard day of brainstorming, or bring a friend/colleague to tie up loose business ends. The atmosphere will put everyone at ease.

Looking for a little more fun? The Hive Sushi Lounge has sushi culinary classes for those seeking a challenge. Learn to create your own sushi rolls with friends and neighbors. Classes are offered every day of the week.

If you are looking for a life filled with culture and personal growth, IDEA1 is perfectly located in East Village. Take an evening stroll to discover what our community has to offer. If you would like more information about this community, please contact us here.


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