An East Village Secret: Cookies at 5&A Dime

cookie dough ready to be baked

Less than half a mile from IDEA1 there is a fabulous locally owned clothing store featuring uniquely designed artisan tees, hoodies, and accessories. 5&A Dime has been a fixture of San Diego’s eclectic downtown shopping scene since 2004 and is a testament to the level of support residents offer to innovative one-of-a-kind shops in the East Village. Not quite a “mom and pop” shop, 5&A Dime is actually a brother and sister boutique. The duo actually poured the concrete foundation and put in the floor that patrons browse upon!

It is easy to notice the shirts and hats in 5&A Dime but keen shoppers should definitely seek out the enamel pins created by San Diego’s own Richie Moon. His cartoon inspired accessories are an inexpensive investment and his rise to stardom is just beginning. Check out the interview Richie Moon did with popular Chicago blogger [NeonPajamas] this past February. This local treasure is increasingly garnering national attention.

But here’s the real secret: The ultimate indulge at 5&A Dime are the cookies. There is absolutely no mention of these delicacies on the website (although they do sell a few shirts featuring the cookie brand name) so you’ve got to physically walk into the store to get your hands on The Good Stuff. The Good Stuff is a locally owned cookie brand that sells scrumptious and adorably packaged jars of cookies. Read their Yelp reviews if you haven’t already heard rumor of these elusive cookies. That is the beauty of 5&A Dime. It is a local experience featuring local brands for locals to enjoy.

And if you aren’t yet an East Village local, now is the time to contact us at IDEA1 to talk about your move to the cultural hub of San Diego. With shops like 5&A Dime, you will love the unique identity of the East Village from the comfort of our amazing apartments.

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